Thrifty Monday – Start Today Saving Thousands of $$$ Each Year By Changing Two Simple Ways of Cooking

Thrifty Monday – Start Today Saving Thousands of $$$ Each Year By Changing Two Simple Ways of Cooking

Thrifty Monday – Today marks the day when I begin my journey to a more serious study, and pursuit to a Thrifty Lifestyle. I have collected much information on my pinterest boards, and if you love pinterest then you might want to follow some of my boards. You can find me here at my Thrifty Board   A Taste Of Thrifty  I have information on many home made, very inexpensive ideas for everything, on many of my boards,  different ideas for making bread, many ideas for using beans instead of meat (which is sooo expensive, and really not all that healthy for you), getting organized ideas, and much more. I have many books at home, and any of

Thrifty Monday save thousands
Seriously, what are you willing to do to save thousands of dollars. Thrifty Monday is only the starting point!

you that know me, know that I love to read (and write), but now it is time to really put this information into practice.

By creating and publishing this blog, it is kind of my way to not only keep myself on track, but to offer back into society a little of what I have learned through the years.  I believe that what comes around goes around, and I need to pay back for all of the many amazing people who have taught me through the years.  I have a ton of ideas to share with you, and hope you will join me in my Thrifty Living journey, to make a better life all around.

Thrifty Mondays, are going to be my days to cook up the variety of beans I think I will need for the weeks worth of meals. I found a great way to do this. Let me explain this if I can! My large water bath canner can hold seven quart jars, or 5 quart jars and 1 two quart jar. Anyway, you get the picture. I will fill each jar about 1/3 full, with whatever types of beans that I think I will use this week. Then fill the jars the rest of the way with water. Place them in the canner, using the rack that comes with your water bath canner, and add water to the canner until it is about have way up the jars. Put it on the stove and bring to a boil, then reduce to medium heat and simmer until the beans are tender. You have just cooked a weeks worth, or more of beans in the same amount of time it would have taken you to cook enough for one meal, and now you are set for the week.

I did a little math on the savings you can gain just from cooking with beans for a few of your meals each week.  It is pretty significant.  If you want to check it out, pop on over to this post and read it.  I think you will like it!


The basic truth behind it all is that you can save thousands of dollars in a year just by adjusting a few of your meals to include beans and grains instead of meat products.  Now I am not suggesting that you never cook meat again, but if you want to save some money and be more frugal in your cooking, this is the first large amount of money that you can save. What could you do with an extra $2447 per year??? Pay off some debt, put some serious food storage away? Fix some things in your home?

Mondays are also going to be my day to grind enough whole wheat flour for the week, and bake my bread. If you are fortunate to have a wheat grinder and some wheat, then you will understand that the taste of fresh ground flour is amazing. I normally bake my own bread and buns. The cost when you break it down is amazingly less expensive than buying bread. Here is my breakdown.

The Math – Flour – ground and a bit white – cost for one loaf, about 0.20 cents, maybe up to 0.50 cents depending on which kind of grains you are grinding. I am going to use 0.20 because mine are usually mostly wheat.

Yeast – if you buy it in bulk or from Costco in big packages – cost is about 0.05 cents per loaf

Oil and salt – maybe another 0.05 cents per loaf.

And that is your basic ingredients to make a loaf of bread. So total cost to make a loaf is about 0.30 cents give or take a bit depending

Thrifty Monday!
You can save a lot of money by making some changes in the way you eat and do things!

on which grains you are using. Some grains cost more. But remember to always buy them in bulk if you can. It will save you money in the long run. Okay so 30 cents per loaf compared to $3 for a loaf of plain white empty bread, or $5 for a loaf of yummy grain bread. I think the cost factor alone should be enough to persuade most of us to make our own bread. However if you don’t think you are saving enough to make it worth it, let me take you one step further. In my home we eat a loaf of bread a day, especially if it is fresh home made, yummm. Let’s do the math.

30 cents per day x 365 days is $109.50

$3 per day x 365 is $1095

$4.5 per day x 365 is $1642.50

Let’s do the math again, and we are going to average so about $1300 – $109 is a savings of $1191 per year just in bread!

So we are only on Monday of the first week of our Journey to a more Thrifty Life and I have just told you how you can save $2447 in your protein department of cooking and $1191 in your grains department of cooking each year.

Day one a total of $3638 can be saved each year if you can make yourself have that switch from meats to beans and store bought bread to home made bread. WOW!

I know it takes more effort and time, but is it worth it to you?  I know for our family it is worth every penny!  You can also pop on over here to Inch By Inch and sign up for my emails that will walk you through some menu planning, and building your pantry store in your home.  All things that will also help you save more money and time.  I totally get it guys, time is precious!  I also work full time, except through the summer, and I know time is precious – but so is money!  Money is why we work in the first place.  You know, I have my lazy days as well, but once I committed myself to the process of saving money where I can, and understood that it would take work, I decided to do whatever I could to make it work.  And yes, that means I have to work harder.  I don’t get to come home and put up my feet and chill for the evening.  Nope, I don’t.  Is it exhausting?  Absofreakinlutely!!!  But is it worth it in the end to save my family that extra money, that has to come from somewhere?  Definitely!!!  Never doubt if it is worth it or not.  We could all afford to give up a couple of hours of screen time, to save our family thousands of dollars in a year!

So……………. if you are up for it, come along on this Thrifty Living journey, to get A Taste of Thrifty, and once you get a taste of it, I promise you will never want to go back.  Just keep moving forward………. just breathe and keep moving forward!

Happy Monday!!

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