Thrifty Living Journal, A Way To Keep Track Of Life’s Successes

Thrifty Living Journal, A Way To Keep Track Of Life’s Successes

What the heck is a Thrifty Living Journal, you might ask.  It is exactly what it says it is. It is a journal that you keep track of your thoughts and experiments that have to do with thrifty living.  You keep notes on recipes, or money matters, projects or accomplishments, and yes even the failures.  You see we learn from all of these things.  We learn what works and what doesn’t, and we have reminders, so when we look back, we remember.  We can then not repeat the same darn mistakes over and over, which we often

Thrifty Living Journal
Keeping a thrifty living journal is a great way to remember your successes!

do.  We can share what we have learned with others, in turn helping them learn as well.

As you keep your journal, and experiment with some changes and recipes in your life, keep a record of it, your thrifty living journal.  It can be any kind of a notebook.  I like to keep coil notebooks, and I also keep many binders full of different information.  My Thrifty Living Journal is in a simple coil notebook that I picked up a couple of years ago, at Walmart for .10 cents.  I actually picked up a few boxes of them, they were such a good price.  You can use any type of book, or journal.  Use what appeals to you, so that you will love writing in it.  If you prefer to use your computer you can do that too.  It doesn’t matter what you write in, just keep the journal. I have one you could print out, to create your binder journal.  You could easily add in loose leaf pages, or even other blank journal pages you can print out.  I googled blank journal pages to print, and came up with some really nice ones.  Sift through and create your own beautiful journal.  I also found a really beautiful one here on Amazon, you can get it if you click on the picture in my side bar.  There are a couple of other options as well.  If you don’t want to create your own, pick up one of these.

As you have ideas that come to you, write them down.  As you try new recipes, write down what worked for you and what didn’t, what you liked and what you didn’t.  Keep a journal and then you don’t have to reinvent any wheels.  If you had an idea that you wanted to implement in your home, write it down and you can always go back to it and remember why, and what it was.  One of my biggest frustrations is when I have an idea, but I neglect to write it down, and then the next day I try to remember it again, and it is gone.  Learn to write down your promptings and ideas. Save yourself the frustration.  Just take 30 seconds or even 2 minutes if you have to, and write it down in your Thrifty Living Journal.

In many of my posts, I will encourage you to write notes in your journal.  These notes will be not only a guide to help you, but ideas that you think of that maybe are not mentioned in a post, or something else that you are reading, or hearing.  Things often come up in conversations, or readings and you need to write them down.  Write down your ideas and add to the wealth of information that you learn here and from others.

Now for a little homework – go find yourself a journal, the dollar store has some great ones, or just a notebook that can be purchased at any store that sells office supplies.  Find one you love, something that you will want to write in all the time, one that you would even carry in your bag, just in case, because you love it so much. Go do it!

Journal Entry: What does it mean to you to be thrifty or frugal?  Record this in your Thrifty Living Journal right now.  What is your take on thrifty living?  One more thing and probably the most important thing to start off your journal – Why do you want to live a thrifty life?  Why is it important to you?  What will drive you when you want to give up and quit?  What is your motivation to keep moving forward with a thrifty life?

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