The Basic Principle Of Thrifty Living – With 76 Ideas To Help!

The Basic Principle Of Thrifty Living – With 76 Ideas To Help!

Many people think “Thrifty Living” is something you only have to do when you are broke. I disagree.  I think thrifty living is something you should practice all of the time.   In fact, a large majority of the people I know, that are wealthy, are people who live the Basic Principle Of Thrifty Living.  They are wise with the way they spend their money, and for the most part, don’t throw it away on un-necessary things.

I have put together a list of 76 ways that everyone of us could use, to practice living the basic principle of thrifty living.  Within this list there has to be something that you could change in your life, something that would allow you to save a few dollars here or there, in order to move your life, one step closer to being out of debt, or saving for that thing you need.

The Basic Principle of Thrifty Living
Find at least a few of these 76 ideas you can use right now. Starting today, to live the basic principle of thrifty living.

You see, most of us are stuck in a pretty big money rut.  We get our paycheck, we pay our bills, and we are broke until we get the next paycheck, and the cycle repeats itself.  We see no way out of the rut, because in order for that to happen, we would need more money, but we can’t make more money, because we are already working our lives to the grind for the little paycheck we get. So….. the rut continues day after day, month after month, year after year, until we either die, or decide to make some changes.

I am challenging you to make some changes!  Get out of the money rut you are in, by implementing one, two, five, or all of the changes you can, to save yourself a few extra dollars here and there.  Then what do you do with the money you save?  You don’t go and spend it on extra useless stuff, you either save it, put it on debt, or use it to purchase needful things. That is the basic principle of “thrifty living.”  The basic principle – Take control of your life, your money, your home and family, and in all things think long term before you act.  Now I am not perfect, and this basic principle can be broken down into many more principles, which I will do for you, but not here and now.  For here and now, You get some suggestions and ideas…..

It will take some discipline on part of your entire family, but I believe you can do it.  Guess what… I will even do it with you!  I will take this challenge upon myself and make the changes as well, and as I do, will let you know what I find out.  Then of course, here on A Taste of Thrifty, I will share with you the things I learn about “thrifty living,” because I want to be out of debt, and I want to save money, and I want to get out of my own rut, as well.   I would love it if you let me know what works for you too!  Okay, do we have a deal?

Here goes:

  1. Turn off the lights to save on your power bill
  2. Unplug things not being used – computers, appliances, etc. They still draw power even when they aren’t being used
  3. Shop around and compare rates on your insurance policies
  4. Install and use a clothesline to dry clothes
  5. Turn off your cable TV and start reading books from the library or get outside more
  6. Refuse to impulse buy – is it a need or a want? Make a rule never to buy large purchases on impulse, think about them for a few days first
  7. Don’t think you have to keep up with the neighbor or a friend – you don’t
  8. Plan ahead for purchases
  9. Garage sales and thrift stores can save you money – also online stores like Kijiji and others
  10. Learn to shop the sales and only buy things when they are on sale
  11. Have some home made gifts always ready so you don’t have to purchase any last minute gifts for full price
  12. Only buy clothes when they are on clearance at end of season
  13. De-clutter your home and realize that you don’t need “stuff”
  14. Plan your meals – use your food storage to save money, eat beans and rice a couple of times a week
  15. Buy store brands instead of name brands – savings of about 25%
  16. Grow a garden and process and freeze your produce
  17. Stop eating out – with a little planning you can have a nice dinner at home with the environment of eating out and it will cost way less. $7 a day for lunch is $35 per week or $1800 + per year just if you buy lunch everyday
  18. Stop buying coffee out – make your own and take a container with you
  19. Cook from scratch – ready made box or can meals are way more expensive 4 – 10 times more expensive depending on what you eat
  20. Drink water – it is healthier and costs less than juice or pop, even milk
  21. Set up a theater, at home date night, for a cheap night in
  22. Have a game night at home for entertainment
  23. Enjoy the outdoors and hike the walking trails around your city or local parks
  24. Go for a bike ride, or ride your bike to work, or walk, save on a tank of gas every month
  25. Watch the sunset for an inexpensive but beautiful night out
  26. Visit your local library and find out what they have to offer
  27. Organize a monthly potluck with friends for a great time
  28. Carpool if it is an option
  29. Change the type of light bulbs you have in your home to the money saving LED lighting. It will be much more efficient and economical
  30. Make sure you have draft stops in all of the doors and window that you feel drafts. These can be home made stuffies that lie on the floor in front of your door, to store bought sealers and foam strips that you can tape or glue in place
  31. It is worth investing in an updated thermostat for your home, to practice zone cooling and heating when certain areas of the home are being used or not
  32. Plan ahead for errands and do them all at the same time
  33. Slow down driving – it will save you gas in the long run
  34. Pay bills online and have them email your bill to you instead of paper bill
  35. Use reusable lunch containers
  36. Recycle – set up a system in your home that works
  37. Learn to make home made everything! It will save you large amounts of money
  38. Re-purpose – look at everything twice before throwing it out – could you use it for something else with a little modification – but don’t hoard things, it just adds extra clutter to life
  39. Get cheaper massage, haircuts and things by going to your local schools to take advantage of their students and discounts
  40. Holiday locally to save money
  41. Learn to fix things yourself instead of hiring someone
  42. Learn to make things yourself – you tube is an awesome resource
  43. Swap babysitting with other families
  44. Learn to cut your own hair or swap services with someone who can cut hair
  45. Always make sure your dishwasher and laundry machines are full when you use them, it is much more efficient
  46. Do not turn lights on during the day
  47. Make several meals at the same time and freeze some
  48. Learn to live by a budget
  49. Find ways to reduce phone bills
  50. Use your spare time to increase income
  51. Start a savings account, put any saved money into it
  52. Learn new skills to save money or to help you bring in more money
  53. Trade in old DVD’s and games for cash or new ones
  54. Sell your clothing at a consignment shop
  55. Rent out your garage
  56. Use coupons if they are helpful where you live
  57. Eat more beans and less meat
  58. Eat more rice and buy in bulk
  59. Wear your clothes until they wear out
  60. Don’t drive new cars, unless you can pay cash for them, insurance is more, depreciation is more, interest is more
  61. Don’t go to direct sales parties – learn to say no thank you
  62. Find some work at home options to earn extra income
  63. Learn to buy in bulk and the best places to do this
  64. Bake your own goodies and stop buying them
  65. Surround yourself with like minded people
  66. Eliminate disposable products, recycle, reuse
  67. Use cloth diapers
  68. Cancel any memberships not really needed – gym memberships can be replaced with walking, or using videos to work out

    #70 Live by a menu plan
    Thrifty Living Tips will help you live the Principle of Thrifty Living and be successful!
  69. Get rid of your land line phone and use your cell phone or vice versa
  70. Live by a menu plan – see My Six Week Menu Plan With All The Details
  71. Get organized to find the things you need
  72. Start a local clothing exchange – perhaps with friends and neighbors, or a local church group – or work with the Salvation Army or other charities in the community and approach all of the local churches to see if they would be interested in participating.
  73. Take the time to sift through the thrift stores. Sometimes they can seem pretty junky, but if you take the time to look through, you can often find some really great buys
  74. Do not go shopping just because you are bored, or for fun
  75. Learn to cook
  76. Learn to sew

This list is only the beginning!  Make your own list of ideas and personalize it to what you can do to make some small, but big changes in your life!  Good luck on your journey, and I would love to hear from you!

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