Money Talks Monday, Let’s Talk Water, Drink Water

Money Talks Monday, Let’s Talk Water, Drink Water

What a society we are, drinking almost everything except what is good for us, cool clear water!  We need to drink water!  So much of the drinks we buy, or make, are loaded with sugar, caffeine, fake sugars, and so many other unhealthy things, but we get addicted to them, and crave the sweetness, or the buzz, or the alertness we get from drinking them, when what we really should be drinking is just water.  Now I don’t mean just tap water, though if that is all you can do, please do it.  I have a water cooler that filters my tap water,

Drink water to save money
Drink water for health and for money. It is one of the easiest ways to save money, and the easiest ways to gain health!

and we literally go through at least two gallons of water a day in it.

I am always shocked at how many people tell me they don’t drink water.  They don’t like the taste of it!  Well, I want to share with you some facts about juice, pop, milk and water, because I think they don’t understand the importance of drinking water, as well as some of the scary problems that come from drinking too much of the other options.

Here are some truths.  Your body is made up of about 70% water.  The brain is made up of about 85% water.  Drinking water is actually feeding your brain.  Your bones are made of about 35% water.  Blood is made up of about 83% water. That is a lot of water in our bodies.  What do you think happens when it is starved for water?  It begins to ration the water to each organ, and eventually it will shut down certain functions, because the organs simply can’t keep operating without the proper amount of water. Can you start to understand why we need to drink water?

One of the biggest fatigue causers is lack of water in our system.    If you are finding that you just don’t have any energy as the day goes on, try drinking water, and see how it affects you.  A few of the benefits of drinking water:

  • banish headaches
  • improve your mood
  • relieve constipation
  • boost your energy level
  • flush out toxins
  • promote weight loss
  • improve digestion
  • help prevent kidney stones
  • boost your immune system
  • clear your complexion
  • regulate body temperature

On the flip side dehydration can cause:

  • dry mouth
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • dry skin
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • muscle cramps
  • bad breath
  • cravings
  • crankiness
  • sunken eyes, or any extremes of the above listed would be signs of extreme dehydration.

Drink LOTS of water!!!

Here is a chart from health line, showing approximately how much water we should be drinking every day.  This should come from water, or water based foods, such as fruits and vegetables.  High sugar drinks don’t count, fruit juices count somewhat.  Choose your drinks wisely, not only for health, but for savings! Drink water!

Demographic Daily recommended amount of water (from drinks)
children 4–8 years old 5 cups, or 40 total ounces
children 9–13 years old 7–8 cups, or 56–64 total ounces
children 14–18 years old 8–11 cups, or 64–88 total ounces
men, 19 years and older 13 cups, or 104 total ounces
women, 19 years and older 9 cups, or 72 total ounces
pregnant women 10 cups, or 80 total ounces
breastfeeding women 13 cups, or 104 total ounces

Okay now for the quick lesson on the problems that pop can cause for you.  Soda pop has some pretty serious problems, weight gain,

Drink water for health and money
Drink water. It will keep you healthy, and save you a ton of money. It’s a matter of health and money.

kidney problems,diabetes, dementia, brain, teeth, heart, and so many more.  It is made up of mainly sugar. There is actually an average of 40 grams of sugar or other sweetener in each 20 oz serving of soda.  Wow!  Can you imagine actually taking 17 tsp of that much sugar and dumping it on your plate and then just scooping it up and eating it like that.  That is, in essence, what we are doing every time we drink a soda. So you say you only drink diet sodas!  Well they are actually more addicting, and likely more harmful than drinking a regular soda.  If you have looked at all into the studies of drinking things with aspartame, or other fake sugars, you will know exactly what I mean.  They can cause some pretty extreme health issues.  Have a look for yourself, and don’t just take my word on it.

Drinking soda and other juices are not a substitute for water.  Your body needs you to drink water.  Even natural fruit juices often have sugar added in some form.  They are usually quite high in sugars.  Next time you think you are drinking healthy, take a look at the ingredients.  If you see any of the following things listed, it is a form of sugar – dextran, dextrose, diatase, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, glucose solids, golden syrup, syrup, corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, lactose, malt, maltodextrin, maltose, mannitol, molasses, raw sugar, refiner’s syrup, sorbitol, sorghum syrup, sucrose, and so many more deceiving names that we won’t recognize. So in very short form, these are the health reasons of why you should drink water instead of sweetened drinks.

Now what about the thrifty reasons?  If you drink, lets say two servings of sweetened drinks each day, and each one of these drinks costs you at least $1.50, some will be more and some less.  Many people drink far more than two a day.  Add that up and you get $90 each month spend on unhealthy drinks, and over the year, you spend just over $1000 per year for one person to drink sweetened drinks twice a day.  When you add that up to a family of four, you can guess that you are spending about $4000 per year on sugared drinks that are not healthy for you.  Guess what? Water is free!  And it is so much healthier for you.  How many people do you have in your home and multiply that $1000 per year by that number and see the savings that you will start to have just by switching to drinking water each day.  Got it?  You need to drink water!

Lets do the math: $1000 per year per person or for a family of four $4000.  What could you use an extra $4000 on?

In your Thrifty Living Journal, ponder these thoughts: How many sweet drinks do you consume each day?    Do you love water?  Can you learn to love water even if you don’t?  What are some ways you can incorporate this into your family?  Maybe think about buying a filter or an ice machine that will make the water more delicious. I personally love drinking water with a little lemon or lime in it.  It quenches my thirst so much more, and helps to alkalize your body at the same time.  How much are you willing to cut back, to save money?

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