Money Talks – Let’s Talk About Saving $3300 Drinking Coffee

Let’s talk money, let’s talk coffee!! Because in reality – Money Talks!

If we were smart – we would all own a Tim Horton’s!  The amount of money that is spent at places like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, is mind boggling to say the least!  The line ups never stop! People spend bucko amounts of dollars a year on

Money Talks - save money drinking coffee
Yes you can save $3300 a year drinking coffee! Money Talks

coffee.  I used to work in the evenings doing some cleaning, and my co-worker would pick me up each night, then head to the offices that we cleaned.  We always had to make a quick stop and drive through Tim Horton’s to get her coffee.  Every night she would spend at least $5 on coffee, and she did that two or three times each day, she told me.  That is $300 to $450 each month spent on just coffee.  Wow!  I don’t drink coffee, I like myself a green tea now and then, but always make it at home and take my thermos if need be, and up until this point I really didn’t realize how much money people would spend each day to have their coffee. You see in my world, money talks, and it tells me loud and clear, I can’t justify spending that much money on coffee!

Wouldn’t it be much, much cheaper to spend a few dollars and buy yourself a decent mug, and make your own coffee in the morning?  I can only imagine that you should be able to save at least 2/3 of this amount of money by making your own coffee each month.  Why wouldn’t you do that?  What is your money saying to you about coffee?  I get it, we all like our hot coffee, or tea, and maybe even a donut or muffin, but really, how much money would YOU save by making your own coffee each morning?  Money talks here guys!

Let’s talk some money here…..  Let’s average that you spend about $375 per month for two of you to buy coffee, which I think from what I observed, and the line ups I see constantly at the drive through, it is likely a conservative amount, but we will go with that.

To purchase the coffee at home and use a thermos of some kind it would cost you about $100, and I think that is being generous.  So you would save about $275 per month, just on making your own coffee, instead of sitting in those dreaded line ups, just to get that coffee.  You could make it at home or work and save both the time and the money.

Let’s do the math, if you are a coffee drinker: $275 per month x 12 months is $3,300 per year savings – just in coffee!

Money talks $3300 here!  That’s alot of money!  It’s screaming at you!!!

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