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Category: Thrifty Living Journal The Change To A Life Of Thrifty Living

The Change If you are reading this, you must want to make some changes in life, or are at least exploring the options.  You need to make “the change”.  Perhaps you are just plain fed up with how things are going financially and need some help.  Maybe you just want to tweak a few things to save a few dollars

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Category: Thrifty Living Journal Money Talks Monday, Let’s Talk Water, Drink Water

What a society we are, drinking almost everything except what is good for us, cool clear water!  We need to drink water!  So much of the drinks we buy, or make, are loaded with sugar, caffeine, fake sugars, and so many other unhealthy things, but we get addicted to them, and crave the sweetness, or the buzz, or the alertness

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Category: Thrifty Living Journal Thrifty Living Journal, A Way To Keep Track Of Life’s Successes

What the heck is a Thrifty Living Journal, you might ask.  It is exactly what it says it is. It is a journal that you keep track of your thoughts and experiments that have to do with thrifty living.  You keep notes on recipes, or money matters, projects or accomplishments, and yes even the failures.  You see we learn from

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