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Category: Thrifty Cooking Stock Your Pantry With These Pantry Essentials For Endless Possibilities

Did you know that if you stock your pantry full of some pantry essentials, you can make a ton of really yummy foods?  It is true!  As I have been working on developing a program to help people gather their 3 month supply of foods, I have come up with this basic list with which you can make a ton

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Category: Thrifty Cooking Thrifty Monday – Start Today Saving Thousands of $$$ Each Year By Changing Two Simple Ways of Cooking

Thrifty Monday – Today marks the day when I begin my journey to a more serious study, and pursuit to a Thrifty Lifestyle. I have collected much information on my pinterest boards, and if you love pinterest then you might want to follow some of my boards. You can find me here at my Thrifty Board   A Taste Of Thrifty 

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Category: Thrifty Cooking Thrifty Vegetarian Meals – A Variety of Flavors For You

Thrifty vegetarian cooking isn’t always about “replacing” the meat in your diet, it is about changing the way you cook to create delicious meals without the use of meat.  I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years now, and have learned a thing or two in that time.  One thing is, you can definitely replace your meats with vegetarian

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