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Category: Money Wasters Save Thousands Of $$$ Each Year With These Thrifty Living Tips

Just think… … if you could save $10 per day on something that you were spending before!  Save $1 per day on 10 different things!  Save $10 per month on 30 different things!  Okay so you get my meaning.  There are dozens of different ways to save a dollar here and there.  Find them in the Thrifty Living Tips listed

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Category: Money Wasters Money Talks Monday, Let’s Talk Water, Drink Water

What a society we are, drinking almost everything except what is good for us, cool clear water!  We need to drink water!  So much of the drinks we buy, or make, are loaded with sugar, caffeine, fake sugars, and so many other unhealthy things, but we get addicted to them, and crave the sweetness, or the buzz, or the alertness

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