Save Thousands Of $$$ Each Year With These Thrifty Living Tips

Just think… … if you could save $10 per day on something that you were spending before!  Save $1 per day on 10 different things!  Save $10 per month on 30 different things!  Okay so you get my meaning.  There are dozens of different ways to save a dollar here and there.  Find them in the Thrifty Living Tips listed

How To Teach Thrift To Your Family

Sometimes teaching your family to be thrifty can be a task, a challenge, getting your family to buy into the fact that you are trying to change your life to a more frugal one.  The kids don’t understand why you can’t go and buy that pizza every Friday like you used to, and now you have to make it instead. 

Money Talks – Let’s Talk About Saving $3300 Drinking Coffee

Let’s talk money, let’s talk coffee!! Because in reality – Money Talks! If we were smart – we would all own a Tim Horton’s!  The amount of money that is spent at places like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, is mind boggling to say the least!  The line ups never stop! People spend bucko amounts of dollars a year on coffee. 

The Change To A Life Of Thrifty Living

The Change If you are reading this, you must want to make some changes in life, or are at least exploring the options.  You need to make “the change”.  Perhaps you are just plain fed up with how things are going financially and need some help.  Maybe you just want to tweak a few things to save a few dollars

Money Talks Monday, Let’s Talk Water, Drink Water

What a society we are, drinking almost everything except what is good for us, cool clear water!  We need to drink water!  So much of the drinks we buy, or make, are loaded with sugar, caffeine, fake sugars, and so many other unhealthy things, but we get addicted to them, and crave the sweetness, or the buzz, or the alertness

Thrifty Living Journal, A Way To Keep Track Of Life’s Successes

What the heck is a Thrifty Living Journal, you might ask.  It is exactly what it says it is. It is a journal that you keep track of your thoughts and experiments that have to do with thrifty living.  You keep notes on recipes, or money matters, projects or accomplishments, and yes even the failures.  You see we learn from

Pantry Essentials Recipes Part 2

Pantry Essentials, remember the list I gave you a while back?  If you didn’t get it, then you can get it here again.  This list of pantry essentials, can make pretty much all basic kinds of baking, pasta, and some really yummy stuff!  Pretty much a treasure trove of things you can make on your own, if you have essentials

The Basic Principle Of Thrifty Living – With 76 Ideas To Help!

Many people think “Thrifty Living” is something you only have to do when you are broke. I disagree.  I think thrifty living is something you should practice all of the time.   In fact, a large majority of the people I know, that are wealthy, are people who live the Basic Principle Of Thrifty Living.  They are wise with the way

Stock Your Pantry With These Pantry Essentials For Endless Possibilities

Did you know that if you stock your pantry full of some pantry essentials, you can make a ton of really yummy foods?  It is true!  As I have been working on developing a program to help people gather their 3 month supply of foods, I have come up with this basic list with which you can make a ton

Thrifty Monday – Start Today Saving Thousands of $$$ Each Year By Changing Two Simple Ways of Cooking

Thrifty Monday – Today marks the day when I begin my journey to a more serious study, and pursuit to a Thrifty Lifestyle. I have collected much information on my pinterest boards, and if you love pinterest then you might want to follow some of my boards. You can find me here at my Thrifty Board   A Taste Of Thrifty